I like to switch it up when it comes to starting my math class. I love routine, but starting out with a game can be really engaging and just plain fun for my kiddies. One way that I love to start out my class it with a game called, “My Favorite No.” I am not the creator of this game, nor do I pretend to even use it in the way that is was intended. I have taken the concept and idea of this game and tailored it to fit my classes needs.

I really use this game as a number talk. I think it is super important for students to talk out their thinking and reasoning, and share with their peers. So much of the time we ask students to find the “right” answer, and by playing “My Favorite No,” it really changes the way students are thinking. It takes their thinking into a whole different direction. They have to identify and explain why an answer is not correct. I have attached a video link showing one simple example how I play this game with my second grade students. I encourage you to mix it up with this game, and reinvent it to work for your students!




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